Stephen Sizer and Monica Lewinsky

Below is a copy of a blog post that Stephen Sizer wrote in March 2010 (highlighting added, click to enlarge).

The background to the blog post is this: in 2010, Israel decided to build new settlements in East Jerusalem. Such settlements are generally regarded as being contrary to international law. Israel was rebuked by the then US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.

The heading to Stephen Sizer’s blogpost includes the words, “Payback for Monica?”

This was obviously an allusion to Monica Lewinsky, the Jewish White House intern with whom Hilary’s husband’s, Bill, had had an affair. Rev Sizer therefore connected the Jewishness of Monica Lewinsky (a non-Israeli American citizen) to Hilary Clinton’s criticisms of the Israeli government, and therefore to Israel’s Jewish character and the Jewishness of the majority of its citizens.

Isn’t this just legitimate criticism of the policies of the Israeli government?

No. It would have been perfectly possible for Rev Sizer to criticise Israel for building settlements in East Jerusalem, without mentioning a Jewish American citizen with no connection to the Israeli government.


When Rev Sizer made this allusion to the Jewishness of Monica Lewinsky, he wasn’t simply making legitimate criticisms of the Israeli government.

The allusion was antisemitic.

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