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An Obfuscation Master Class

Turn it up to 1 After maintaining an Arctic silence for most of the last decade, the UK’s conservative evangelical establishment has finally started talking about the Stephen Sizer antisemitism scandal… quietly. First, the May issue of Evangelicals Now reported … Continue reading

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The Inconstant Gardener

Originally posted on David Paxton:
Laws of the Jungle Someone who uses the word ‘Zionist’ or ‘Zionists’ on social media to criticize others will also have posted antisemitic material. Duns’ Law The novelist and journalist Jeremy Duns made the observation…

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You Know What it Means So Why Are You Bullshitting?

Originally posted on The Gerasites:
By David Paxton Did you just say something along the lines of this? How can it be antisemitic when Palestinians are Semites? or, Saying one group of Semites is treating another group of Semites appallingly is…

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Dodgy data and fiddled figures in the Church Society report by Lee Gatiss

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In the document written about my husband and me by Lee Gatiss for Church Society, the (now resigned) Churchwardens ‘report’ that during my husband’s time as vicar here, the electoral roll and church attendance shrank…

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A True Story

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This is a true story. A woman moved from a different part of the country and started attending a local church and then its bible study. At first she was friendly and empathetic towards the…

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Church Society and the Andreyevs: the elephant in the room

Church Society director Lee Gatiss has recently written what might kindly be described as a character assassination of the ministry couple, Mike and Kate Andreyev. You can read the full version here and the executive summary here. The bit that … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Good Liberal

On one occasion, a highly respected British conservative evangelical leader stood up to test Jesus. “Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” “What is written in the Law?” Jesus replied. “How do you read it?” He … Continue reading

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W.W.E.D.? – What Will Evangelicals Do?

Originally posted on What Will Evangelicals Do?:
Dear Sir, We are writing to express our deep concern about recent actions and statements by Rev. Stephen Sizer, vicar of Christ Church Virginia Water, a large evangelical Anglican church in Surrey. Rev…

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Church Society and Jonathan Fletcher: Unanswered Questions

Last year, I co-wrote two Medium posts about the response of British conservative evangelicals to Stephen Sizer’s antisemitism. Both mentioned Church Society. The first mentioned Church Society as one of many conservative evangelical organisations which had failed to respond appropriately. … Continue reading

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Mike Ovey, Lee Gatiss & Stephen Sizer

In early 2015, the late Rev Dr Mike Ovey, who was a member of Church Society’s council wrote two papers in 2015 exploring the conservative evangelical Anglican view of bishops, and he circulated these papers among his fellow leaders. One … Continue reading

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