The Inconstant Gardener

David Paxton

Laws of the Jungle

Someone who uses the word ‘Zionist’ or ‘Zionists’ on social media to criticize others will also have posted antisemitic material.

Duns’ Law

The novelist and journalist Jeremy Duns made the observation that when somebody has enough tweets to be investigated (about 2000 should do the trick), their use of ‘Zionist’ as a pejorative (as opposed to ‘Zionism’), means a subsequent search of their posting history will reveal an antisemitic attitude. Usually manifested through the propagation of antisemitic tropes, be it ‘Zionist masters’, ‘Rothschild banksters’, ‘child murder’ or holocaust marginalisation or denial. Duns has shown with countless examples how this is the case and I invite you to try it yourself. This observation has been, somewhat playfully perhaps, formalised as ‘Duns’ Law’.

But what has this to do with Corbyn?

Some time back I made the following observation on Twitter which, not wishing to be outdone and not short of…

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