Stephen Sizer and the repudiation of antisemitism

Set out below is page 261 of Stephen Sizer’s 2004 book, Christian Zionism: Roadmap to Armageddon? [1]

sizer repudiate 1


This is similar to what Stephen Sizer wrote near the end of his 2002 PhD thesis [2] which was conducted under the auspices of Middlesex University and Oak Hill Theological College:


sizer repudiate 2

These sources are significant, because they show that one of Stephen Sizer’s stated aims, was to repudiate and reject antisemitism.

Whether he achieved this aim – whether in his PhD thesis, his 2004 book, or elsewhere – is highly questionable.

What is not in doubt, however, is that he conducted doctoral-level research on the topic, for which he was awarded a PhD. It therefore follows logically that he knows what antisemitism is; indeed, that he has a considerably better knowledge of it, than the person on the street. And from that, in turn, it also follows logically that if any of his output has nonetheless been antisemitic, he does not have the excuse of ignorance.


[1] Sizer, S, 2004, Christian Zionism. Road Map to Armageddon, Inter Varsity Press, London

[2] Sizer, S, 2002, The promised land: a critical investigation of Evangelical Christian Zionism in Britain and the United States of America since 1800 (PhD thesis, Middlesex University)

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