Bans on non-stun slaughter in Europe

This page is incomplete. I shall update it as time permits.


Ban implemented in January 2019. First mooted by Ben Weyts of the New Flemish Alliance. To this day, there is little else on the “Animal Welfare” page of that party’s website apart from material about stunning (e.g. nothing about battery hens, veal, live transport of animals, etc etc). Now contrast what they say about immigration, asylum and integration. (Use Google translate). A prominent member of the party has belittled Flemish wartime collaboration with the Nazis.


Ban implemented in February 2014. Shimon Cohen writes: “When Denmark banned shechita in 2014, I was quick to point out the measure did not affect one animal. No shechita had taken place in the country for many years and all animals slaughtered locally for the Muslim communities followed the tradition of mechanical stunning before slaughter. The move took place just before European Elections and it was clearly a politically motivated move that sought to influence the result of that vote.” The ban was implemented shortly after Copenhagen Zoo had slaughtered a young giraffe, publicly dissected him in front of children and fed him to the lions.



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