Dr Leon Gerlis on kosher slaughter methods

The late Dr Leon Gerlis (1919-2013) was a Cardiac Pathologist at Killingbeck Hospital in Leeds, an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Royal Brompton Hospital in London, and a Visiting Professor in Cardiac Pathology at Imperial College, London. He also took an interest in animal welfare, and was an active committee member of a local RSPCA branch. He was a passionate defender of Jewish kosher slaughter methods (Shechita), refuting the accusation that such methods are inhumane. I am grateful to his wife, and to their son Alex, for permission to make available the following two resources:

1. An address which he gave to the 27th AGM of the National Association of British Market Authorities in Bournemouth in 1975. His address was printed on pp. 45-48 of the report of the proceedings of that meeting.

Gerlis letter 1975 pp45-46

Gerlis letter 1975 pp 47-48

2. A letter which Dr Gerlis wrote to the editor of RSPCA Today, dated 27 October 1985:

Gerlis letter 1985 Page 1

Gerlis letter 1985 Page 2


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