On Owen Jones and his “all out war” on antisemitism

This is a quick compilation of posts on Owen Jones and his professed, strident opposition to antisemitism. As and when I get the time, I may do a longer post of my own.

Some pieces from The Gerasites in March 2016: here, here and here.

From October 2016, David Paxton’s piece on Jones’ twists and turns over Jackie Walker: “If he wants antisemitism confronted he needs to do some of the dirty work himself“.

A witty piece from Ben Pensant in July 2017: “What Owen really thinks about Jews is destined to remain a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma buried underneath a hysterical strop on Sky News.

From 2 April, Rob Francis’ assesses Jones’ recent declaration of “all out war” on antisemitism. His conclusion: “So far we have a declared “all out war” which is filled with caveats, exemptions, useful silences and distractions.

And my own Twitter thread on Jones’ enthusiastic backing for “brilliant Labour candidate” Steven Saxby, who is/was a member of the virulently antisemitic Palestine Live Facebook group.

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