Downplaying racism towards Jews, one example: @ JoeSucksmith

Tracking racism, antisemitism and neo-Nazism on Social Media

[NB: The materials herein are freely available in the public domain, and this is produced as an educational resource for antiracists and antifascists.]

Study hardcore racism on social media for any period of time and two things become apparent:

  • i) hardcore racists, supporters and their hanger-ons tend to cluster on social media, as much as anyone else does,
  • ii) they exhibit certain forms of recurring behaviour.

These activities include mutual support and comparable forms of narrative, but can exhibit a great diversity of refinement.


Find a bunch of hardcore anti-Muslim racists spewing filth on Twitter and they will repeat similar themes in various styles.

Around their periphery not everyone will be a neo-Nazi or a BNPer, perhaps instead they are a member of UKIP or a Tory, in which case they may just downplay the extent of anti-Muslim racism in society or do Sealioning.

Not always crude


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